Bucket List

Another reason I wanted to Blog was to keep track of shit.

I have had an unofficial bucket list for a very long time. Things get added all the time and most of the time I don’t remember them…So not I can post them so I can look back as such things so maybe I’ll make them happen.


Here we go, there is no particular order, just how they happen to come to me:

Go on a speed date

Travel Europe

Travel New Zealand and Australia


First Post, Why?

Dear anyone that ever sees this,

I just want to let you know the mission of this blog and why I even started it at all.

Initially I started this to document my Whole30 ( http://whole9life.com/start/ ) experience at Crossfit on the Square to help with accountability and fully understanding my journey. Then the challenge ended up being more awesome because we got partners and became a team. I couldn’t ask for better partners. Both girls are my age and on the same mission to just get healthy. They both cook a lot and have lots of great simple ideas for me to steal. One of them even made us coconut butter (which I just learned, I love to eat it out of the jar with a spoon).

Now that I have a team my need to accountability is a little less but I need some sort of journal type thing. I have tried journaling on paper but it just doesn’t work. I don’t write fast enough and I get bored really quick.

My 2013 New Years Resolution was to be happy. I would do whatever it took to be happy. I really really really needed to just work on my self and identify what was going on inside. I went through various stages on being angry, sad, happy, and every emotion in between and have finally arrived at content and generally happy. I really feel like this whole 30 is one of the last steps to my individual happiness (2014 resolution: work on my relationships with people and develop new strong healthy open and communicative relationships)

My relationship with food is less than ideal. I most certainly stressed eat and I can’t deny sugar. I very easily take one bite and then eat everything in sight regardless of if I want it. I went Paleo July 6th 2012 (the day I had surgery on my knee) and have done a pretty decent job overall. I had a month that was simply terrible and very very emotional. I also had the month of June 2013 be absolutely amazing and ended with my Crossfit Level 1 class. I want to free myself of food. I want food to be fuel not a coping mechanism. I feel that if this whole 30 is as amazing as the book (It Starts With Food) and everyone else says it is then this is exactly what I need. I am also incredibly grateful that we have partners to support us and that money is on the line. It would be much easier to cheat if it didn’t cost anything. I also think the money concept will help me later. When I think about the fact that a cupcake cost $5 extra dollars and a whole day of cheating cost $20, I really not longer feel the need to eat that cup cake.


Enough about why and lets talk about day 1 and 2:

Day 1:

I cooked a whole lot over the weekend so thus far things don’t seem too hard. As long as I am at work eating correctly is easy. It’s when I come home at night and I am hungry. Some nights when I get home too late its easy because I am too tired to do anything. But with these partners I don’t want to eat anything because I don’t want to take the picture and text it to them unless its necessary.

Unfortunately for my partners they have to see how much I eat out of tupperware:


This is just two meals. I ate 4 times, all of which were out of tupperware. My partners take the time to eat off a plate and make it look pretty…I need to work on this when I am at home.

I found out I LOVE roasted carrots and apparently roasted root vegetables are really good.

Day 2:

I didn’t take any pictures with my camera but I had this absolutely AMAZING “Salisbury Steak” ( http://paleomg.com/salisbury-steak-burgers-with-mushroom-gravy/ )

This recipe just got added to my favorites.

One of my partners started feeling kinda blah and said she thought her body was detoxing…I really really really hope this happens to me of some sort. I want my body to get rid of its sugar so it can be happier.

Since going paleo I have noticed that I have more energy and I am not tired after I eat. I also do not crave sugar the same why. My addiction to sugar is now absolutely psychological.

Today was also the first day since I started at CFSQ that the work out included pistols…if you wanted…you got to choose between Cindy and Mary…I did Mary because I was so excited about pistols and I don’t mind HSPU with two ab mats

Because I am terrible at pull ups and my left leg is still a bit of a baby after surgery, I got 6 full rounds plus 16 reps.

I need to start working connecting kipping pull ups BAAADDD, I can kip like no other but I suck at lots in a row. I know I need to push off the bar but I just get tired at the top.

Today was freaking awesome also because the dunk truck ( http://dunktruck.com/) came to CFSQ. This thing is AWESOME. Its a hydro-static weighing lab on wheels. It comes to you. Its one of the most accurate ways to have your body composition analyzed.

For the first time in my entire life I was not considered Obese!!! For every female athlete out there I know when you look at your BMI you get a little sad…and furious because you know that its not true but you don’t  know how much fat you have so you can’t tell how ‘wrong’ it is. I am incredibly excited and so thrilled they are coming back post whole 30 so we will know how much progress we made…I can’t wait!